Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Stash Building...

Today was my CQ Bee meeting and I was able to accomplish several things I've been wanting to do. I finished a needle case I've been working on for several weeks. In an earlier post I listed a few steps in making this cabbage rose.

Silk Ribbon Heirlooms, a yahoo group hosted by Willa Fuller and Victoria Adams Brown, is having an exchange. Jan, a dear friend and fellow CQer, made a similar one for the exchange and I just had to have one for myself. Isn't is horrible when you want everything you see? Definitely one of my shortcomings!

I need to buy a pair of the stork scissors for the beaded scissor fob and it will be ready to use. I probably have a needle case for every day of the week but they are so much fun to make.

Linda, Lynnis and I went to Fredericksburg, TX for the long weekend and had a fabulous time shopping. It's a little German town located about 300 miles to the west and a popular tourist attraction known for their antiques and gift shops.

They have several really nice bead shops and I found some beads for my cabochon Vic made. When the shops closed for the day we went back to our motel and stitched until bedtime. I've taken a picture of the progress so far. I want to add some fringe at the bottom of the cab.

I wish my camera would capture the beauty and sparkle of this cab. Vic did a wonderful job molding this and painting it. The beads are a great match and I plan to wear it as a pin for now. I think it would be a beautiful addition to a purse so that's another project for later.

I carried my needlepoint bag this weekend and received many compliments in Fredericksburg. It's huge but wonderful for shopping and carrying everything I need. I've included four pockets on the inside so I can keep up with those things I need to get to......like credit cards, checkbook, etc.

I made my purse several years ago and have really enjoyed it. I had the piece of needlepoint and made up the pattern as I went to accommodate the size of the canvas.

I want to make another smaller one when I find that "just perfect" needlepoint canvas. The back of the purse is a gold velvet and it's lined with an ecru moire with velvet-edged pockets.


Pam Kellogg said...

Barbara, your purse is incredible! I have a thing for purses! Did you make the fringe trim or did you buy it? Please share. I love it!

Judith said...

Hi Barbara, your cab is looking fantastic. Just love that bag, think it is my favourite of your bags. I have been very blessed as Jules has sent me among other things some of that fringe. I know you made yours. It is so special, you are so talented.

Thelma said...

Beautiful purse Barbara!

karen burke said...

Hi Barbara, I get so excited and inspired when I read your BLOG! Karen