Friday, April 25, 2008

Connie's Silk Screen Fabric Art

I am still excited with all I learned at our Quilter's Cabin Retreat last week. Today I want to share some photos of Connie's seascape wall hanging. It is definitely a work of art and I know you will enjoy seeing the photos I took. Thanks to Connie and Deborah for allowing me to post photos and tell you about this wonderful project. I zoomed in too close and didn't get the's a navy fabric and a perfect color choice.

This beautiful work was created by Connie and presented to Deborah for a birthday gift. I tried to change my name to Deborah but it didn't work...they wouldn't let me bring this fabulous wall hanging home with me.

Connie says the sea dragon was created by using four silk screens: one for the leafy parts, the second for the branches, the third for the body and the fourth for the body parts; eyes, ears, horns, and spikes.

Connie took classes from Ginny Eckley, a well known artist from Kingwood, Texas. You will want to go online and check out her website. She offers workshops along with all the supplies you will need to do this beautiful art form.

The jelly fish (photo of left) was created by painting in colors and then hand quilting the shape. Isn't it unique?

Although Ginny has a large assortment of ready to use silk screens on her website, she also teaches how to create your own stencils from any of your own designs. This is what Connie did with her sea dragons and underwater seascape.

I am amazed at Connie's talent and this beautiful wall hanging she has created. I've added this to my list of things I must do!

Not only is Connie a wonderful fabric artist but also a great cook! Connie (in the red blouse) is standing beside Susie who dearly loved those homemade waffles. They were delicious!

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