Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Something Old and Something New

Most crazy quilters love old linens, hankies, tatting, embroidery and such. I have a great friend who is fortunate enough to have some treasures her grandmother made. One was especially beautiful and I want to share a photo with you. Debi says it's somewhere around 70 years old.

Although she has never done any crazy quilting I think I've convinced her that she needs to piece a block and see if she likes it. With all these wonderful heirlooms she has a head start on collecting stash.
A solid base of triple crochets forms the skirt. The ruffles are made individually and attached to the skirt. Her grandmother has used a really fine thread. It's a beautiful piece of heirloom crochet.

Now for the new......the ladies in Tomball had made a wonderful pincushion with old CDs. They kindly shared how they did it and I pieced one at the retreat. I put it together last week and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

Although beautiful, pink is not a color I would normally use to piece a block. Pat and Diana had brought some samples to share with the group and I picked out these fabrics to use. I'm really glad I did!

Jan shared some hand-dyed silk and the pattern for the grape leaf pictured on the left.

We all signed our names on a muslin heart at the retreat. I've put that heart on the bottom of my pincushion sandwiched between wool and a piece of tulle. I lightly burned the edges of the muslin to prevent fraying and it also gives it an aged appearance.
It's a fun and easy project and will be a wonderful keepsake from the Quilter's Cabin Retreat. I learned so many great things from this talented group of ladies and will share more in later posts.


Jo in NZ said...

Please, please share how you made the pincushion. If not on your blog please promise it will turn up in a future addition of a certain online publication...PLEASE!

Kathy said...

Love the pincushion, I would hate to put pins in such a lovely piece of work. Would love a tutorial as well. Thanks for sharing.

Judith said...

Barbara, what an exquisite job you have made of the pincushion. How did you get it so round and perfect?
The retreats sounds like so much fun.
Hugs and love

Robojangles said...

Somehow I found your blogspot by looking for silk ribbon for my next beadweaving project and was so awed by your incredible silk flower creations! I've been beadweaving for 12 years now and my body of work can be found at I'm also establishing a site on blogger but have only added a few pieces.....much more to com. That address is

Your work is masterful and exquisite, Barbara! I'll keep checking back to see what fabulous creations are added in the future.

Beaded Blessings!