Sunday, July 12, 2009

QuiltWorks - the ultimate "candy store"

We have a new "mega" quilt store in our area opened by three very special and extremely talented sisters. Pictured here is Connie on the left and Linda. The beautiful crazy quilt is being raffled by their local Guild and it is gorgeous!

I met Connie at the Tomball retreat several years ago and you may remember me posting some of her beautiful work. She, Linda and Henrietta "Henri" have opened this fabulous store in Cypress, Texas located on the West side of Houston.

The grand opening for QuiltWorks was held Friday and Saturday. Jan and I attended and demonstrated our work for those attending. Jan is responsible for my addiction - I attended her crazy quilt class ten years ago. Here she is busy at work with her crazy quilting. She will be teaching a beautiful crazy quilted needle case and an embellishment class.

I will be teaching my Hanah silk rose design and a new "flower pot" needle case design I recently created. We both have four classes on the calendar and are so excited.

The fabulous creativity of the sisters can be seen in the decor of the shop. In this photo I am sitting on a vintage Victorian sofa. On the wall facing the sofa is a flat screen television to entertain the children and/or husbands.

The walls of the shop are covered with the creativity of these three talented sisters. After meeting their Mom and seeing some of her beautiful work I know where the talent comes from. It's just not fair that one family has so much creativity. Among their many talents are Brazilian embroidery, stump work, fabric dyeing, tradition quilting, beading, heirloom embroidery, crazy quilting, silk screening, garment creations, plus many, many more needlework skills.

QuiltWorks is indeed the "ultimate candy store" and without a doubt has it all! They hope to offer online shopping in the near future and I'm trying to convince Connie to hold a weekend retreat at some point. I'll keep you informed on both.