Saturday, March 27, 2010

WTWW 2011 ArtBra Calendar - A Work in Progress

Wow it's been a long time since I've posted. But I do have a good excuse and thought I would share. First let me tell you about Victoria Adams Brown, a dear friend and mentor. A number of years ago she started the WTWW Foundation and invited me to design an ArtBra for exhibition. I believe that was in 2004 and we are still going strong.

I've blogged a lot about my past designs but thought I would share with you my newest bra which I call " Chrysalis." It is inspired by three wonderful women who have experienced the ravages of breast cancer and turned it into a positive experience.

With each one I was reminded of the monarch butterfly and its life cycle. From the darkness of the cocoon (which can be likened to the months of surgery, rehabilitation and often times chemotherapy) emerges the beautiful butterfly. These women have emerged from their cocoon with a new beauty and grace both inside and out.

Brenda Wilson, Vic's sister, designed a beautiful butterfly which she kindly gave me permission to use in my designs. Brenda is a breast cancer survivor, spokesperson and advocate. The magnificent wings of the butterfly sit atop a body shaped like a pink ribbon bow - the well-known symbol for breast cancer. I have taken her beautiful design and re-created it with beads. I hope you will enjoy the photos of my progress.

Brooke Exley Long, owner of Hanah/Artemis Silks donated the beautiful shibori fabric that covers the bra. I've used Hanah silk ribbon to make the zinnias and burnished silk leaves.

The branch the cocoon hangs on is made with the Diva Custom Cordmaker designed and sold by Connie James, owner of Fibergoddess.

We are excited about introducing the 2011 ArtBra Calendar and hope that everyone will purchase a calendar to support this very worth while cause. The ArtBras and wall hangings will be on exhibit at the Houston International Quilt Festival this Fall.

I can't close without telling you about the two other women who have so inspired me. Jan Campbell was diagnosed with breast cancer almost a year ago. She was my first crazy quilt instructor, another wonderful mentor, and one of my dearest friends. She has designed her first ArtBra this year named "Are They Real?" You can see it on Vic's blog.

And last but certainly not least; Linda Cauble. I met Linda at the Houston Quilt Festival last year. Her story is amazing! She required a bone marrow transplant and her recovery was complicated by these issues. But what a beautiful lady she is. She is the owner of A Beaded Road and sells the most beautiful shawls.

Thanks for stopping by my blog - please visit often. I've linked all the websites so just move your cursor over the names and businesses. Don't forget to order your 2011 ArtBra Calendar. They make wonderful gifts.