Sunday, April 20, 2008

Been Stitching.....

My apologies for being so tardy with my blogging. On Thursday, the 17th. Jan, Jules and I left for a four day retreat in Tomball, TX. Quilter's Cabin is a wonderful setting for getting away from the mundane daily chores and relaxing among friends who have the same love of crazy quilting as I do.

There were twelve attending the retreat and the four days and three nights were packed with fun. Deborah did a fabulous job of organizing, stocking food, and planning all the fun events and shopping experiences. It was difficult to pack up and leave. Everyone had such a great time and we plan to continue these retreats.

I've been given permission to share some of the fabulous work done by the ladies attending the retreat and will be blogging about it in the weeks to come. The picture on the left show Jules busy at work.

Before telling you more about the retreat I need to share several pictures of how I made my yoyo roses. I promised Judith I would do this and I am certainly behind on that promise.

I use the small Clover yoyo maker and Hanah silk to make each circle. In the pictures below Jan has hand-dyed a silk satin . With the yoyo maker you will form six loosely gathered petals. This photo show how loose you should leave the yoyo. You will need to make six of these.

I make a small box pleat on one side of each petal and stitch it to the fabric. This will be the inner part of the flower.

The outside gathered area of each petal will be tucked under slightly and stitched in several places. I forgot to take a picture of the box pleat will be glad to do that and add it to this article if anyone would like that photo.

Leave a small circle in the middle of the petals to add French knots and some matching beads for sparkle. Here is a picture of the ones I made.
The previous article on my blog was the inspiration for these yoyo flowers. The vintage quilt owned by my friend Chris had these flowers in the center. I was determined to make something similar. Judith told me they might be made from the yoyo. With that in mind I started experimenting and came up with these flowers.
If you like the flowers and have problems please email me with any questions and I'll try to help.


Allison Ann Aller said...

Thanks for the how-to on those roses, Barbara. They are luscious.
And what a lovely retreat y'all had....sigh.....

Jules said...

You stinker - I thought I avoided all cameras! Ditto on Allie's comment - thanks for sharing the "how to" on the roses. You are a dear friend - the retreat wouldn't have been the same without you :-)

Judith said...

Barbara, they are exquisite much nicer than the original. You are the true Queen of the rose.I still can't get the hang of them though.
Tons of love