Monday, May 13, 2013

Learning to Wire Wrap Cabochons

Picture Jasper
My wonderful son has given me many beautiful cabochons over the past few years and I am just now attempting to learn how to wire-wrap them.

One of my dear crazy quilt "sisters" offered to give me some lessons so I thought I would share my work.

Picture jasper - back view
Lois got me "hooked" when she offered to wrap one of my cabochons. Jason had given me this picture jasper several years ago, and it was one of my favorites.  Pictured here is the exquisite work she did for me.

The back of the cab is almost as beautiful as the front as you can see in this photo.

Chinese Green Turquoise
I chose this Chinese green turquoise for my first attempt.  Although I had lots of help from Lois, I am pleased with the work I contributed.

It's very difficult for me to wrap those 4 wires and have all those tiny wraps uniform.  If I just had one more hand I think I could do a better job.  I've added some Swarovski bicones and bronze seed beads and wrapped it in a vintage bronze.


I did this turquoise piece for my second attempt.  I'm not as pleased with how I shaped my wires so I will probably redo it.  I need a lot more practice with designing my wires.

Jason was in South Africa last year on business and brought back a gorgeous tiger's eye cabochon.  I'm working toward getting good enough to wrap that one.