Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Calmer Time

It has certainly been a long time since I've posted to my blog. Occasionally the necessities of life get in the way and it's difficult to resume the old practices. In April I had knee replacement surgery on the right knee. Although God truly blessed me with a quick recovery and an easy rehabilitation, the initial surgery was difficult on this "old body."

Last month I had my final cataract removed from the left eye. That's a quick and easy surgery and it's great to have improved vision. Enough about me, however, and more regarding the fun things.

November 3 -7 was the Houston International Quilt Festival and we were honored to have our WTWW ArtBras and wall hangings on exhibit. Quilts, Inc. did a remarkable job setting up the exhibit and their work was amazing. Our gratitude and heartfelt thanks for showcasing our art in such a wonderful manner.

It's always great seeing old friends and making new ones. I always look forward to representing CQMagOnline at the Festival and finding new tools and techniques for our art. I have some great articles for the upcoming issues and hope you will log on and take a look.

This is our 2010 Fan wall hanging assembled by Stephanie Novatski.
What an amazing job she did - it's an exquisite piece. Photos do not do justice to the beauty of this beautiful crazy quilt.

On the right is our 2009 Rose wall hanging. Each of our wall hangings are donated to a breast cancer center. This one will be donated to Methodist Hospital Breast Cancer Center in honor of Jan Campbell. You can see her ArtBra on the cover of our 2011 Calendar. Calendars can be ordered through the ArtBra website and we encourage you to support this very worthwhile cause.