Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Glimpse of the Old

I've mentioned my local CQ Bee and the wonderful ladies who make up this group. They are all so talented and just to attend the meetings each week is an inspiration. Yesterday Chris brought two crazy quilts that she had recently purchased. I took a number of pictures and she graciously agreed for me to share the photos on my blog.

This first one is more of a wall hanging size. The blocks are small and the stitches are simple as most of the old ones are. The fabrics are beautiful and it's in great shape.

The second one is absolutely beautiful. The stitching is still simple but the talented artist had mastered the long and short stitch and fabric painting.

The following four photos show some of the long and short stitch motif.

In the center of the block is a gorgeous motif of handmade roses. I have absolutely no knowledge when it comes to dating a quilt but it would be interesting to know. The leaves in this motif are made with a really fine chenille thread.

Of course, I loves roses so I took quite a few photos. The following are close-ups of the same motif.

In this one you can see the fine chenille thread that has been used.

Aren't these flowers simply beautiful! I would love to be able to reproduce them.

Both quilts are definitely treasures. I just can't imagine anyone selling these family heirlooms but it's wonderful for them to find a great home where someone appreciates and loves the work.


Thelma said...

Wow! What some beautiful stitching. I think my favorite is of the little girl, of course all the flowers are awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Allison Ann Aller said...

Thanks for the gorgeous photos, Barbara...It has been fun catching up on your blog.
And what a fantastic picture of Jules!!!

Rengin Yazitas said...

Absolutely gorgeous....Thanks for sharing all those wonderful photos. It is pretty hard to understand how people sell these wonderful pieces!!! As you said so as well, they have a great home now, will be kept precisely...

Judith said...

Hi Barbara, I have put you wrong, when you look at the large cream rose
you can see that it is ribbon. You can actually see the edge of the ribbon if you look carefully when you click on the photo to make it larger.
The creator of the quilt must have spent ages manipulating wide ribbon to creat those beautiful petals.They are exquisite.