Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Subtle Signs of Aging

Well, I have written proof that I'm old and forgetful! I kept having this feeling that I had posted the ruffle ribbon rose in a prior post, so today I went back and checked. There it was in the month of February - same little rose. It's so cute and deserves the extra attention but I certainly hate to admit my memory is lacking.

I'm hoping my trip to Wallis with our local CQ Bee will help to rejuvenate me. I've been packing for the last two days trying to include everything I will need in the least possible space. I have about five projects to work on and hopefully will come back with pictures to share. We will leave early in the morning and return on Thursday... four days and three nights on fun, stitching, and lots of laughing.

In the meantime I will share some photos that I hope I've not posted before. This is a teaspoon pincushion that Vic made for me. It is something I use often and totally enjoy. Not only is it beautiful but also functional.

A number of years ago I signed up for a half doll swap. I had never made one and thoroughly enjoyed creating "Frances." I used a beige dupioni silk and stitched a diamond pattern in matching thread. I placed the tiny French knot roses at the points.

I made a petticoat as well. At that time I was interested in weaving laces and ribbons onto a fusible interfacing. This made a really lovely piece of fabric. On the right is the petticoat I made for Frances.

I also made a fan with a small piece of this fabric. The weaving is tedious but I love the results.

By now I hope you have forgotten all about that memory lapse.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ribbon Ruffle Roses

The ribbon ruffle comes in so many vibrant colors and I think it adds so much to an embellished seam. I thought I would share my directions for making a small rose using this beautiful ribbon.

The picture on the right is an example of the roses used for a seam embellishment. I've used a Mokuba trim for the base and added the tiny flowers. This particular ribbon is a variegated purple and blue. Check out RibbonSmyth for many color choices.

The first part in done in your hands and definitely "fiddly." Fold ribbon at a 45 degree angle. The first two steps are the same instructions for making a folded rose.

Begin rolling the ribbon into a tight bud. You want a well-defined bud so roll past the fold an additional roll or two. With a needle and matching thread take a small tacking stitch to hold the bud in place.

With the same needle and thread secure the bud in the proper place on your seam. Make sure the bud stands erect.

Twist the ribbon as shown in the picture on the left. Begin wrapping at the base of the ribbon.

Wrap this loosely around the bud tacking in several places. Continue to twist the ribbon and loosely wrap around the base until you have the size flower you want.

Tuck the end of the ribbon under the flower and tack down with needle and thread.

The picture below shows you the size of the rose in relationship to a penny.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Another Retreat....Premier Estates

Wow... it seems I'm getting lazy with my blogging and need to make some improvements. I can't believe it's been ten days since I posted. My last project was the CD pincushion and I really enjoyed making it. Some of you have asked for directions and Jules will be writing an article for CQMagOnline. Be sure and check the July issue for details.

May 26 our local CQ group will leave for Premier Estates in Wallis, TX. It's a wonderful restored manor house built in the late 1800's. The outhouse, potting shed and stables are still standing and add to the beauty of the surroundings.

Last year we were so excited to have dear friend Victoria Adams Brown of Ribbonsmyth join us. When it comes to my love of silk ribbon embroidery, Vic is my mentor.

I took several classes from her the year I went to Omaha and in later years attended other classes in Dallas. She is such a talented artist and a real blessing in my life. I owe so much to Vic and Jan for teaching me this wonderful art of crazy quilting.

Pictured on the left is Jules and Vic sitting at their workstations.. See how wonderful the room is equipped. Those large floor to ceiling windows are wonderful as well.

On the right is Jan busy at work on her project. We always laugh at the things we pack and take to retreat. What one doesn't have the other one will.

Melanie, Lynnis and Vic are dyeing silk velvet and ribbons on the outside veranda. As you can see from the picture on the left it's already dark outside. We never let the time of day interfere with our fun. That overhead light was a blessing.

With an outhouse on the property who could resist the following pictures. Jules, Vic, and I were the only ones willing to do these wonderful poses. We are well-equipped with toilet tissue and excellent reading material...Vic's wonderful books: The Complete Guide to Silk Ribbon Embroidery and The New Ribbon Embroidery.

I've gained lots of experience through Vic. Pictured here are the four ArtBras I created for her WTWW foundation. What a creative idea she had for bringing awareness to the issues of breast cancer. The funds generated from calendar sales were donated to various breast cancer centers. I've had many laughs about showing people my work. Let me just say this small town in Texas is not ready for ArtBras.

The beading on "Opposites Attract" was done by my dear friend Debi. She worked with only a freehand drawing I gave her and created these wonderful birds.
The Arrington Breast Cancer Center in Lubbock hosted the ArtBras at their symposium in 2006. Julie and I were in attendance and thoroughly enjoyed seeing all these wonderful creations in person. Lubbock is Vic's hometown and she was honored for all the untold hours she spent in organizing and creating these wonderful ArtBras and the calendars. Pictured on the left is Vic as she speaks to the group and presents a check to this wonderful cancer center.

Well enough's time to get busy and accomplish something.