Friday, January 11, 2008

Strawberries in all sizes...

Dear friend and local crazy quilter, Julie Yonge, created a beautiful velvet strawberry and some of us became addicted to making them. I thought I would show you several I've made. This one is made from a pattern published by Crabapple Hill Studio. The large strawberry measures 6" long and includes a small needlecase and the velvet strawberry needle sharpener.

This strawberry measures 3" long and includes a tiny green Hanah silk velvet one. I've found the best way to make a strawberry the size you want is to cut out a pie-shaped wedge from muslin. With right sides together, stitch the two edges together and reverse. When you find the size you like cut your wedge from velvet. I use the muslin one as an insert to hold the emery. You will want to insert the muslin inside the velvet piece before adding the emery. Gather the top of the muslin strawberry and secure with knot. Then repeat for the outside velvet strawberry. Add the leaves, silk ribbon embroidery and DMC cord.

I still wanted to make strawberries but I wanted something a little different. I decided to bead the leaves with #11 & #15 seed beads. Another dear friend and fellow boater, Debi Nielson, beaded the stem that's attached.

Speaking of Debi....I introduced her to beading and she was an instant pro! This is the ArtBra she helped me create for 2007. We called it "Opposites Attract." It was the story of Oscar the Ostracized Ostrich and Francesca the Flamboyant Flamingo. Debi's work was certainly creative and original. She had me draw what I wanted on paper and she recreated it in beads. We received the honor of being February in the 2007 ArtBra Calendar created by Victoria Adams Brown.

I did a free form crochet for the entire surface of the bra and straps. There were rolled roses, of course, and grass made with hand-dyed silk. I love participating in these wonderful projects that raise money for special needs. The proceeds from calendar sales were donated for breast cancer research. I've told Vic a number of times that she will receive many stars in her crown for the wonderful work she does for others.


Allison Ann Aller said...

Love those strawberries!
Can you post a source for the can be hard to find.

Thanks, Barbara!

Barbara said...

Allie, Joggles carries emery at this website: Just do a product search and type in emery.