Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ideas and Inspiration

I am always intrigued with new concepts and ideas for embellishing my crazy quilt projects. With that in mind, I issued an Idea and Inspiration Challenge in the October issue of CQMagOnline. I received some great ideas which will be published in the upcoming issue at the end of this month.

The above picture is one I used to introduce the project. I love to use the tiny drop beads and cluster them like grapes. Used in odd numbers they add that certain sparkle and also dimension to your crazy quilting.

This picture on the right shows a seam using the 3mm cupped sequins available online through Cartwright. It's a very simple seam and the small sequins work great clustered together.

If you are interested in participating in our Idea and Inspiration challenge, I would welcome your input. This will be an ongoing project for as long as our readers submit their work. I ask that you send a picture of your favorite seam treatments and motifs, along with brief instructions on how they was done. If you can include the type ribbon, thread, color number, etc. that would be wonderful. In doing the article I would like to not only introduce our readers to new ideas but also the vast array of beautiful embellishments at our disposal.

By clicking on my name in the October article you will be able to email and send me your ideas. I hope to hear from many of you. The January issue will be available at the end of the month. You will want to log on and take a look at the wonderful work submitted by our readers.


Jules said...
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Jules said...

This is a great idea to boost input for the magazine!

I, too, showed your wonderful grape clusters today :-)

Ribbonwiz said...

Hi Barbara,
Lovely to hear from you, it's been ages!
Your blog is beautiful, very you!
so glad to find you, I shall save your blog and follow what your up to.
I have many fond memories of our work/ group together.
Hugs julia

Allison Ann Aller said...

Those bead clusters are just luscious.