Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sharing My Love of SRE

Another flower I enjoy making is a tiny rose using RibbonRuffle or 7mm silk ribbon. The ones in the picture above are placed on a Mokuba trim. Making the tiny rosebud is a little tedious but very easy when you get the bud stitched into place. I hope you find the following directions easy to follow.

Cut a 3” piece of RibbonRuffle. Fold right end at 45 degree angle.

Pick up and tightly roll 3 times to form a bud. With a needle and thread, take several stitches to secure bud in place.

Snip off tail.

Stitch to fabric with bud standing upright. Bring needle up from bottom to top of fabric directly beside the bud.

Begin twisting the ribbon at the base.

Loop the twisted ribbon around the bud and stitch in several places to secure.

Twist at base a second time, circling the bud and tack into place.

Twist the remaining ribbon and tuck underneath the flower. Stitch this end securely in place.


Allison Ann Aller said...

Thank you, Barbara! Even I could do this one...(I have so much trouble with wide silk ribbon flowers...)

Rengin Yazitas said...

Thanks so much detailed explanation.

Judith said...

Barbara, it is a great thing to put the tutorials on your blog, I really appreciate it as I know most people would.
I really love your grapevines with the little drop beads. I fell in love with those beads and then was a bit stumped as to what to do with them until your tutorial came along. I gave to confess they are on everything now. It is such a lovely treatment.
Lots of love

Graça Gomes said...

Oi sou uma brasileira apaixonada por este bordado, e sinto muita alegria por estar postando pra voçê. gostaria de poder falar + só que not inglês... beijos