Friday, February 22, 2008

The New Rose from Wallis

In an earlier post I mentioned the new rose I made at our retreat in Wallis. I thought I might share some basic instructions for creating these.

Begin by making 6 or 7 leaf stitches leaving a small circle in the middle. This one is made with 13mm silk ribbon.

Using the same 13mm silk ribbon, make a partial rolled rose. You will want a well-defined bud then gradually loosen the outside petals. Stitch the petals in place as you roll using a matching thread.

Attach this rolled rose onto the center of the leaf stitches. Place the rose at an angle, either pointing up or down. I didn't get the angle I wanted but some of the pictures below will show you what I'm referring to. Don't you just hate it when your example doesn't do what you want it to? as I say; not as I do!

The last step is to fill in around the rolled rose with two different stitches. One is a loop stitch and the other a variation of the loop stitch. On this second stitch loosely twist the ribbon several times and stitch down as you would the leaf stitch.
On the left is my "not so good" example but it will give you an idea of what I'm talking about. To the right is my Wallis rose. Notice the slant in the rolled rose center and fewer petals.

I've done three bullion-tipped lazy daisy stitches in 7mm green silk ribbon.

Below are several pictures I took at our stitching Bee on Tuesday. Some of the ladies wanted to do one of the roses and I've taken pictures of their results. It's a beautiful rose and worth the time it takes to master it.

The rose on the left was made by Linda. She has done some buds to the side and the bullion-tipped lazy daisy leaves.

The rose to the right was made by Lynnis. In nature, no two roses are alike... the same is true with silk ribbon embroidery but they are all beautiful.

I thought I had taken pictures of 3 other roses but they are not recorded on my camera. I'm really disappointed because all the roses were gorgeous!

I will end this post by adding a picture of dear friend and fellow crazy quilter and blogger, Julie (Jules) . She started her blog first and began to haunt us with her camera. Several months later I decided to join the blogging world. We now have dueling cameras and no one is safe. Caught in our line of fire is Chris on the left and Jan on the right. Jan is showing some of her beautifully hand-dyed ribbons.


Anonymous said...

These roses are just gorgeous, as is all your work! When it"s broken down into steps like this, it"s easier to give it a try. Can"t wait to try one. Thanks for sharing!! Debbie (Maine)

Allison Ann Aller said...

Thanks so much for showing us how to do this...!

Stephanie said...

Barbara, these roses are spectacular! You have taken SRE to a new level!

Jules said...

OK, the picture of me isn't too bad! :-) I have tagged you as one of You Make My Day blogs....sure don't expect this to keep going in circles, but had to tell the truth and yours is one I visit daily and it was an opportunity to express how thankful I am to know you and have you as a special friend.