Thursday, February 28, 2008

Beaded Grapes

Dear friend Judith mentioned my beaded grapes on her website recently and I'm so glad she is enjoying them as much as I have. It's one of my favorite embellishments. The above picture is one I included in an article in CQMagOnline. I am forever changing how I make something so I will share my latest method of making the grapes.

You can use any number of the tiny drop beads as long as it's an odd number. In the description below I've used 1 seed bead and 7 drop beads.

I use nymo thread to match the drop beads I'm using. Begin by coming up through your fabric at the appropriate place. String the one seed bead and 5 of the tiny drop beads. (See picture at right.)

Skip the 5th. bead and run your needle back up through the 4th. one. (See the picture on the left.)

Holding on to the 5th. bead, pull the thread taunt.

Add two additional drop beads. (Picture below)

Place your needle through the beginning seed bead and then down through the fabric. Pull taunt and attach securely, knotting thread.

The picture below shows the finished grape. I always stitch my vine before adding the grapes followed by leaves and sometimes a few tiny tendrils.

I've included several pictures below showing different ways I've used the grapes.

I've used the five drop beads on these pale green grapes and bullion stitch leaves.

These are made with 7 drop beads and attached to a gold braid.

In this final picture I've used 3 drop beads.


Jules said...

I see you added the counter - you go girl! It is fun isn't it? Thanks for the tutorial on your beaded grapes.
Have a safe trip to Longview, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope to see you next week.

Judith said...

Barbara, an other great tutorial. I love how you are so willing to share, and did I mention how much I love your grapes, yep, trully lovely

Gloria Martin said...

I am so excited to have found your site. Your roses are breathtaking, and your tutorials generous and wonderful. I will visit often. Thank you for sharing!!!

FredaB said...


Your work is gorgeous. I love the grapes with the little drop beads. My question is where to you buy or order these beads from? Thank you for sharing your work with us and for the tutorial on how to.

Graça Gomes said...

Oi !!!!!!! eu sou amante dessa arte
I'm like that I see... soo...
kisses. Graça Gomes

Casa das Bonecas de Pano de Ipiabas said...

Olá, eu visitei seu blog e amei lindo beijos Leila