Friday, April 24, 2009

My Singer Featherweight

Before putting my sewing machine away I wanted to take a picture. I love my little featherweight and it sews beautifully. According to the serial number it was made in 1943.

I placed some of my favorite pincushions and needle cases around it. I made the green wool heart necklace at our retreat last year. The old wooden spool is covered in a beaded peyote with a stuffed pincushion circling it. The one with the handle is made with a bottle cap filled with emery. I have little beaded grape clusters hanging from the handle.

You might recognize the heart and decorated Alto id box. These are both patterns and/or kits available from dear friend Vic at Ribbonsmyth. She also made the teaspoon pincushion as a gift and it sits beside me at all times when I'm stitching at home.

Pictured on the right is the project I was working on. My old hanging makeup bag was so easy to travel with and I've been looking for a new one to replace it. I haven't had any luck finding one so decided to make my own. On several occasions I was tempted to throw it in the garbage but I did manage to finish. The stitching is far from acceptable but it serves it's purpose well. I can have all my makeup and toiletries in one place.

Trying to stitch with plastic as one of the fabrics is difficult. I found it worked easier to lay a piece of paper between the plastic and the sewing machine. Then tear away the paper when finished.


NCPat said...

Your machine is delightful! The collection is also fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

Possibilities, Etc. said...
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FredaB said...

Hi Barb

I also own a Singer Featherweight and love it also. I have 2 Berninas and a Pfaff and guess which one I do all my cq on. I keep it in the laundry room and bring it to the kitchen table just to make squares. They are wonderful old machines. My husband was at a conference in Carmel, CA and one day I took the car and went to a little antique shop. I saw the machine but because we were flying thought I couldn't get it. Well hubby said how big is it and I roughly described the case and he said go buy it and we will get it home somehow. He was right - we did. I still have the price ticket in the box and it was $165.00.
I know they go twice that now but I wouldn't trade it for three timnes as much.



Rissa said...

Love the machine, but the little bag is what really caught my eye!

Ginger said...

would you tell me why I need a Featherweight? I've just become aware of them, everyone raves, but no one says why.

What do you use it for? Why would I like it better than my 15 year old Bernina?

Help! I'd love to have one but don't know why except they're so darned cute!

Barbara said...

Ginger, you've probably given the main reason everyone wants one...."they're so darn cute."

Out of the case they are lightweight and quick to take out and do a quick seam.

I find it really handy to pack them for retreats or my weekly CQ Bee. Hope this helps.