Monday, November 3, 2008

Houston International Quilt Market & Festival

I always look forward to the month of October and the opportunity to represent CQMagOnline at the Quilt Market and Festival. Julie, who is a fellow staff writer and dear friend, attended as well and we spent four days taking classes and being introduced to all the latest tools and techniques in the quilting world.

When the Quilt Festival ends I always come away thinking it was the best year ever. This year was no exception! I look forward to sharing some of the things I learned through CQMagOnline as well as my blog.

In this post I want to share a product that Clover Needlecraft has. I was fascinated with this little tool and anxious to experiment. The instructions were written in Japanese but that was no deterrent when the end result would be a rose.

This rose maker comes in several sizes and I've used the large and small one. The pink rose is made with Hanah silk satin and the large one is made with a kimono silk I purchased at Festival last year. I'm a tool junkie so I thoroughly enjoyed making both of these roses.

This month is a busy one for me as well as exciting! Tomorrow I'm leaving for Wichita, Kansas with five other friends from my local crazy quilt bee. We will be taking classes from Carole Samples and learning all her wonderful techniques for embroidery. Her book: Treasury of Crazy Quilt Stitches is one of my favorite books and I look forward to taking this class.

I will share some of the things I learn in upcoming posts to my blog. I always enjoy meeting new friends and renewing old acquaintances so I'm excited about this trip. Being with four of my dearest friends is an added blessing.


Possibilities, Etc. said...

I wish I could have attended the quilt show - but my friend Allie Aller was too busy to go this year, so I didn't make a huge effort. I do envy your wonderful excursion tomorrow! Be sure to tell us all about it when you get back!!

Allison Ann Aller said...

What a heavenly trip for you ladies!
Give that Betty P a big hug for me, will you? And I can't wait to see more from Market....
...and I would love to see a picture of that Clover tool, too.

Susan said...

So now I want to know what the tool is and where to get it! I know where to get tons of Hannah silks!