Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Subtle Signs of Aging

Well, I have written proof that I'm old and forgetful! I kept having this feeling that I had posted the ruffle ribbon rose in a prior post, so today I went back and checked. There it was in the month of February - same little rose. It's so cute and deserves the extra attention but I certainly hate to admit my memory is lacking.

I'm hoping my trip to Wallis with our local CQ Bee will help to rejuvenate me. I've been packing for the last two days trying to include everything I will need in the least possible space. I have about five projects to work on and hopefully will come back with pictures to share. We will leave early in the morning and return on Thursday... four days and three nights on fun, stitching, and lots of laughing.

In the meantime I will share some photos that I hope I've not posted before. This is a teaspoon pincushion that Vic made for me. It is something I use often and totally enjoy. Not only is it beautiful but also functional.

A number of years ago I signed up for a half doll swap. I had never made one and thoroughly enjoyed creating "Frances." I used a beige dupioni silk and stitched a diamond pattern in matching thread. I placed the tiny French knot roses at the points.

I made a petticoat as well. At that time I was interested in weaving laces and ribbons onto a fusible interfacing. This made a really lovely piece of fabric. On the right is the petticoat I made for Frances.

I also made a fan with a small piece of this fabric. The weaving is tedious but I love the results.

By now I hope you have forgotten all about that memory lapse.


Judith said...

Hi Barbara, I must admit I did wonder why you had written about the seam treatment again. I thought I must have missed something and that you were repeating it for someone lol.
Your fan is gorgeous, and seeing all your magnificent work down the side is such a wonderful treat. You are the Queen of roses, indeed all flowers.

Graça Gomes said...

Bom dia sou sua fã, amo os seus trabalhos e sempre que posso passo aqui pra ver as novidades eu já link vc no meu blog... Vc tem orkut?
O meu endereço no orkut é (Graça eu amo o que faço)...Bjks