Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ribbon Ruffle Roses

The ribbon ruffle comes in so many vibrant colors and I think it adds so much to an embellished seam. I thought I would share my directions for making a small rose using this beautiful ribbon.

The picture on the right is an example of the roses used for a seam embellishment. I've used a Mokuba trim for the base and added the tiny flowers. This particular ribbon is a variegated purple and blue. Check out RibbonSmyth for many color choices.

The first part in done in your hands and definitely "fiddly." Fold ribbon at a 45 degree angle. The first two steps are the same instructions for making a folded rose.

Begin rolling the ribbon into a tight bud. You want a well-defined bud so roll past the fold an additional roll or two. With a needle and matching thread take a small tacking stitch to hold the bud in place.

With the same needle and thread secure the bud in the proper place on your seam. Make sure the bud stands erect.

Twist the ribbon as shown in the picture on the left. Begin wrapping at the base of the ribbon.

Wrap this loosely around the bud tacking in several places. Continue to twist the ribbon and loosely wrap around the base until you have the size flower you want.

Tuck the end of the ribbon under the flower and tack down with needle and thread.

The picture below shows you the size of the rose in relationship to a penny.

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