Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I've finishing piecing my block and started some of the embellishing. Let me begin by saying I hope it's acceptable. I have a very hard time working with jewel tones and I'm hoping my yellow, topaz and greens will fit in.

I had a gorgeous antique kimono piece that was given to me years ago and I wanted to use it for the center focal point. I remembered a block my dear friend Julie had done for an issue of CQMagOnline and decided to use that for my inspiration in piecing the block.

It's a simple matter of drawing a puzzle. First determine the size of your center focal piece. Whether it's a piece of fabric or a silk print as Julie has used, make sure you allow at least 1/4" around the motif for your seam allowance.

I knew Leslie had asked for a 9" block so I cut my drawing paper that size and centered my motif. Using my ruler I drew various size pieces starting at the motif and ending at the edge of my block.

The next step is numbering your pieces - that's really important. I marked the outside edges of the pieces and then cut them out. You will need to allow a seam allowance for all sides except those you marked as outer edges.

Using a 9" square piece of flannel I stitched the motif down with a basting stitch and then started putting my fabric puzzle together using the sew and flip method. I always iron each piece as it's added. I attached the first and last piece together by turning under the seam allowance and appliqueing it in place.

All that's left is turning under the seam allowance circling your motif and appliqueing in place. When you've pressed it really well your block is ready to embellish. I've used a piece of tatting followed by a beaded Mokuba trim around the center piece.

Now all that's left is the fun part of embellishing. I don't have a lot of area to work with since we are only embellishing the inner 8" but that's no problem.

I find such pleasure in doing special projects like this and encourage all of you to join in. Read my post below and visit Leslie's blog to find all the details.

Note: I am a dedicated user and true lover of Kreinik threads. I was so honored when Dena asked that I write a guest article for their blog. I invite you to log on and read my article. Be sure to bookmark and read the Kreinik Thread Blog routinely - you will find some wonderful tips and also be the first to find out about new products. I love the Easter Grass!


Josie said...

Just beautiful!!!! I am certain that Hideko will enjoy your block...... Josie in Texas (NW Houston)

Jeanne said...

Very nice block, I love the colours you used. Your explanations are very clear , thank you for sharing.
Jeanne ( Switzerland)

Bear said...

your stitching and rose making are supburb as they always were its lovely to have caught up with you again
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxox

Lisa Fibers Creations said...

Barbara, your work is beyond beautiful. I would love to know how you make your roses and pansies with the burnt edging. Yours are stunning to say the least. I loved looking through your blog. stitching hugs Lisa