Sunday, May 24, 2009

Amazing East Coast Trip

Our trip to the East Coast was amazing!!! It was a dream come true...doing only those things crazy quilters and SRE lovers enjoy doing. We shopped during the day and created and experimented in the remaining hours.

We arrived at the Philadelphia airport with Stephanie there to greet us. We spent the first part of our vacation with her and her wonderful family, including Diamond, her beautiful Maltese. Stephanie is an amazing artist and her studio is the perfect place to create. Her love is doll making and her creations are the most amazing I've ever seen.

Stephanie's husband, Eddie, has a wonderful hobby as well. One of the high points of our visit was taking a ride in this beauty!

Vic, Stephanie, Lynnis and I went to New York City on Saturday and spent the day in the garment district shopping for fabrics, ribbons, trims, beads, etc. etc. etc. We took the train into the city which was a new experience for me.

I'm planning several articles for CQMagOnline and don't want to share too much information on my blog. I will definitely post links to my articles as they appear in CQMag.

The second part of our adventure was spent in Pennsylvania with Vic and her husband, Mike, along with her wonderful extended family of animals. Sadie the papillion and Pearl the kitten needed to come home with me but I couldn't figure out a way to smuggle them out.

Many of you know Victoria Adams Brown and her online business Ribbonsmyth. I met Vic about 8 years ago at the Omaha CQ Convention and became an instant follower. She instilled the love
of silk ribbon embroidery and became a wonderful friend and mentor.

Vic and Mike own a beautiful farm in the countryside of Pennsylvania. What an amazing place to live and create! She is surrounded by such beauty and rich history. The home was built in the 1800's and they have remodeled and added on, retaining the old and historical beauty of the home.

I have memories to last a lifetime from this wonderful trip. I hope to share more photos and tales of our adventures as time permits.

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Cathy K said...

It sounds like you had a PERFECT time! Oh, to spend a day or two in NYC to visit the garment district with someone who knows their way around.... and then to top it off at Vicky's piece of Heaven on Earth... wow, do you think she'd like to "adopt" another sister?!? LOL. I cannot wait to read your articles that result from this vacation. Meantime, do you have any stash acquisition pictures you can share for us to drool over?? Hugs, Cathy